Photo Gallery

Dee at Greenwells
Coffee Plantation
Dee at Hawaii
Tropical Botanical Gardens
Behind Kona Sheraton 1

Behind Kona Sheraton 2


Small Marina at Kona Denise Behind Hilton Resort at Kona 1

Behind Hilton Resort at Kona 2


Ben Covered Wagon Denise at Conservatory

Statute at Conservatory


Staples SkyscrapersBroadway Roastery Art The Spirit of the Haida Gwaii

Tower in Perth, Ontario


Origami Longhorn Statue of Liberty
Las Vegas Style
Northwest DC-3

River in Perth, Ontario


Hoover Dam Crane Fly By The Thinker Wire Sculpture
by DBC

Kindersley Firetruck
Museum Piece


Operator's Box Petrofka Crossing Origami Yoda

Copper Wire


Diefenbaker Train Bridge Blaine Lake Area House Smutz Farm

North Saskatchewan River Panorama

Wingard Ferry International Harvester International Harvester 2

Emma Again

Out Buildings Old Outlook Bridge Old Outlook Bridge

Control Towers


Old Diesel Barn 1 Farmhouse 1



Mock CP Travel Poster Mock Celebrity Magazine Cover Boddhisatva

Morrin Bridge in Alberta


Gazebo Motor Cycle Focus Effect Creek

Military Truck


Water Tower Tanker Car Herfords


Saskatoon Panorama My Mother's Retirement Urbanization

LaFarge Cement Plant


Shades of Indecision

Building Banner Canadian Flag

Monochrome Dee


Canada Post Blossoms Mock Tilt Shift

Telecommunications Banner


Banner Insert PSPP_01 Competition Entry New Leaves



A Walk on the Wild Side MasterClass Political Poster HRI Fast Freight

Train Bridge


Saguaro Bird House Poppin' Out



Travel BC Ferries Triangular Building St. Joseph's Parish

Land Titles Building


CP Engine Ferry Loader Statues

Fargo Pickup


Hell's Gate Tram Pacific Gallery Mechanical Pencil

Keyboard Keyes


Emma Rocks

Flower Tree

Urban Life Cover


Voice Recorder Glowing Ski-doo
(Photo of 1:12 Scale Model)
(Eagle photo found on
internet Image editing by D. Cheke)

(Photo of 1:12 Scale Model


Driver Pewter Cowboy Old Wisdom

Grandfather & Granddaughter


Thorvaldson Building
(University of Saskatchewan)

(Cropped Studio Photo
Image editing by D. Cheke)
Ball in Cage Puzzle

(Selective Coloring)

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