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Textual Creations is a producer of comprehensive, full project, TurboCAD tutorials.

Textual Creations is owned and operated by Donald (Don) B. Cheke from his home office in Saskatoon, SK Canada.

Established in 2004, Textual Creations was originally founded as a TurboCAD tutorial provider (hence the use of the word ‘Textual’ in the company name). The intent was to create and offer comprehensive tutorial works that would lead new users through entire CAD projects, thus easing the learning curve that is part of any complex CAD package.

From the very begining, up until Don's retirement in May 2019, Textual Creations had innumerable requests to supply images and CAD drawings for use in product development and advertizing with several longterm clients in varying industries. As a result, the scope of Textual Creations was broadened quite soon after its inception to include a full service design and illustration component, specializing in 3D visualization and product design. Since May 2019, Textual Creations has ceased taking on any design jobs and returned it's sole focus to tutorial production.

Why Textual Creations tutorials?

Believe it or not I still remember what it feels like being a new CAD user. As much as I like to learn new things I almost always find the process stressful. I want to be proficient right from the start, yet the new environment is so foreign and the learning curve so steep that it seems insurmountable. Studying the user manual is beneficial only to a point, because it assumes a user knows what it is they are looking for. Let's face it; a new user rarely has the terminology down or even enough experience to know what questions to ask. A welcoming user forum is always an invaluable bonus, but it is unlikely that anyone there would be willing to handhold you through an entire project. Too often, tutorials that are found on the internet focus on one or two things and never guide a new user through full projects from start to finish, which is something I always wanted to find.

As a tutorial writer / producer I have always tried to remember what it is like to be that new user. I do not take tools and processes for granted, so I do my best to explain them in a non-overwhelming manner. I learned early in my tutorial writing career to write full project tutorials keystroke by keystroke so as to take the guesswork out of the process. The full project tutorial allows the new user to feel some success in a practical manner and hopefully belays that overwhelmed feeling when venturing into new projects. One tutorial, no matter how major a work, cannot teach everything, so I pride myself on creating many new works that look at different industries and often differing processes that focus on some integral function common to all drawing (in the specific CAD program). I have many repeat customers (even some that purchase every tutorial that I write) so I feel that speaks well for the quality of material. The most common response I get from my tutorial customer is an appreciation for their comprehensive nature and for taking months off their learning curve.

I did use TurboCAD and SolidWorks every day in business with my many varied clients so I am not without practical experience. I don't profess to know everything but I do believe that my real-world experience helps me to write valuable tutorials.

Best wishes,
Don \

Contact: dcheke@sasktel.net

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